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One Month Since This All Started


Me and my brother

It’s been four weeks since I skipped spin class and felt the lump in my breast. (Still pissed I missed that class.) I’ve had two mammograms, two ultrasounds, a breast MRI, learned I had two additional tumors, went from Stage 1 to Stage 2, had numerous blood draws, a couple of biopsies, genetic testing, consults with doctors that are fricking amazing and one who is not.

I’m one week out from my first chemo and after a couple rough days, I feel pretty good. I have 18 weeks left.

I’ve learned so much. How to nap. Beginning meditation. Tricks on what to eat. What to keep in your purse at all time (Zofran, antacid, Tylenol and snacks.) That Smooth Move tea really works but 14 hours after you drink it, you should be close to a nice toilet. Small meals multiple times a day are better than your old-fashioned three square. Don’t drink water with your meal because it will take up space that food needs to occupy. Or else you won’t get enough nutrition and lose weight rapidly.

I’ve learned that I have a network of friends and acquaintances that are so willing to be a part of this with me and Fred and my family. Texts, emails, Facebook messages and phone calls. Even old-fashioned cards. People that I have only just met who are having similar experiences or who I have known virtually or are childhood friends that I’ve reconnected with on Facebook. All of you are much appreciated. These connections are making a difference I couldn’t even imagine.

My family has been amazing with all of this too. And by family, I mean blood and otherwise. Of course I knew they would be. They’re my family after all. The ones that know me as well as I know myself. That make me laugh and don’t cringe when I tell inappropriate cancer jokes.

My parents are coming today with their puppy. My three kids will all be here for just this one night. We’re going to sit around the dining room table and celebrate my son’s 19th birthday two weeks early. There will be wine and beer and tenderloin and cake. And toasts. To all of them for being who they are.

Don’t worry. I’ll include all of you in that toast as well. You deserve it.

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