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My reality is changing. Rapidly. So much to look forward to. So much good in my life. And I guess that’s why I feel uplifted. I’m not back up on top of the world again. Yet. But I’m on my way there.

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Walk, Don’t Run, to the Cancer Treatment Finish Line

Though I want to sprint to the cancer treatment finish line, to be done with this, and for my body to start healing, I don’t want these next few months to go by too quickly. Because I’ll never get them back. And I don’t want to let cancer steal them away from me.

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F#&k You, Cancer

I didn’t need cancer to change my life. To not sweat the small stuff. To value my relationships, my husband, my family.
I was already doing all of that.

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The Girl In The Car

I wanted to be that girl. Have that hair. Touch that dog’s lip. Go wherever it was that she was going because any where would be better than where I was going. I was going to mark myself with the first visible sign that I have cancer.

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One Month Since This All Started

I've learned so much. How to nap. Beginning meditation. Tricks on what to eat. What to keep in your purse at all time (Zofran, antacid, Tylenol and snacks.) That Smooth Move tea really works but 14 hours after you drink it, you should be close to a nice toilet.

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