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Tips to Help Get Through Chemo

I pulled together a list of the tips for getting through chemo, and the side effects, that helped me the most.

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There Are No Innocent Farts

When I was done I went back out to the bedroom and turned on my iPhone flashlight to check the condition of the sheets. Only a teensy weensy bit of shit had gotten onto my new West Elm sheets. I was relieved and figured I could lay a towel down over the spot and deal with it in the morning.

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My Daughter Shaved My Head

The intimacy between us that day was the same intimacy we had when I used to wash her little locks of hair when she was a baby. And hold her tighter than tight when she was scared. Pure intimate moments don’t come often between parents and teens.

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One Month Since This All Started

I've learned so much. How to nap. Beginning meditation. Tricks on what to eat. What to keep in your purse at all time (Zofran, antacid, Tylenol and snacks.) That Smooth Move tea really works but 14 hours after you drink it, you should be close to a nice toilet.

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