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One Month Since This All Started

I've learned so much. How to nap. Beginning meditation. Tricks on what to eat. What to keep in your purse at all time (Zofran, antacid, Tylenol and snacks.) That Smooth Move tea really works but 14 hours after you drink it, you should be close to a nice toilet.

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HER2 Positive and My Treatment Plan

Life will go on around me while I'm in treatment and I’ve vowed to myself to make sure that I am an active part in that life. I’ve come to terms that I’m going to miss a few of them. And that’s okay.

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That Morning When I Was Hungover and Found a Tumor

I was soaping up my boobs and felt a hard lump under my right nipple. I felt like I had been shocked. My hand dropped away and I muttered "Fuck."

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