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Sari Center for Integrative Cancer Care

The Sari Center offers integrative cancer care therapies for patients and there caregivers. Over my 14 months of treatment, I used many of their services. Every single week. Hypnotherapy, acupuncture and massage were my mainstays. But it’s not just the services that helped; as important were the people there.

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Walk, Don’t Run, to the Cancer Treatment Finish Line

Though I want to sprint to the cancer treatment finish line, to be done with this, and for my body to start healing, I don’t want these next few months to go by too quickly. Because I’ll never get them back. And I don’t want to let cancer steal them away from me.

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Roid Rage

In the last few months, I’ve lost my hair, my taste for spicy food, a section of my right breast. But this is more of an indignity and painful than anything I’ve experienced.

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My Daughter Shaved My Head

The intimacy between us that day was the same intimacy we had when I used to wash her little locks of hair when she was a baby. And hold her tighter than tight when she was scared. Pure intimate moments don’t come often between parents and teens.

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HER2 Positive Breast Cancer and My Treatment Plan

Life will go on around me while I'm in treatment and I’ve vowed to myself to make sure that I am an active part in that life. I’ve come to terms that I’m going to miss a few of them. And that’s okay.

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