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Posts tagged ‘fatigue’

Hashimoto’s Messed Me Up

Then came the circles under my eyes. And the rapid weight gain. The slightly puffy face. Well, I was thrown into menopause after my first chemo back in February so my metabolism is slowing down. What about the edema in my ankles? My ongoing Herceptin perhaps.

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My reality is changing. Rapidly. So much to look forward to. So much good in my life. And I guess that’s why I feel uplifted. I’m not back up on top of the world again. Yet. But I’m on my way there.

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Bald in the Mirror

I am forever changed physically and emotionally. Maybe some of it’s for the better. I’m not ready to pass judgement on that part of it yet. But I know for sure that some of that change is not good. Not for me. Not for my kids. And definitely not for my husband.

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