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My 3 Year Breast Cancerversary

Three years. And my first thought yesterday morning was that I feel so bad for that woman from three years ago. She has no fucking idea what’s going to happen to her.

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“Surviving Cancer is the Least Important Thing About Me” (Special to the Palm Beach Post)

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was asked to write this piece. Extremely personal. (Of course.) Warning: I use the term “dry vagina” twice. I know you expect nothing less from me.


You can also read it here.

From Start to Finish (A Breast Cancer Photo Diary)

A selection of pictures from my diagnosis in February 2016 to January 2018, when I really started feeling like myself again.

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How I Got My Groove Back (Mona Lisa Touch)

Six months after my first chemo, I was starting to feel like a sexual being again. But I quickly found out that my vagina was not the same as it used to be. After a few months of using Vagifem low estrogen vaginal suppositories, sex was not as painful. But that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted sex to be more comfortable.

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Sari Center for Integrative Cancer Care

The Sari Center offers integrative cancer care therapies for patients and there caregivers. Over my 14 months of treatment, I used many of their services. Every single week. Hypnotherapy, acupuncture and massage were my mainstays. But it’s not just the services that helped; as important were the people there.

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Chemo, Menopause and Sex

We would not let a little thing like breast cancer and toxic chemotherapy drugs get in the way of hot 50 year-old sex. I used to write about Love and Sex. I reviewed sex toys. I had this.

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One Year Out

I’m cancer free. Which is great. And I am definitely feeling better physically. My thyroid medication seems to have kicked in. (Thanks, newly diagnosed Hashimoto’s.) I have more energy. I really love my short hair and black and white color. I don’t have hemorrhoids anymore.

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I Want My MRI

A mammogram. What was I thinking. I should have pushed for an MRI. I don’t trust mammograms. I found my own tumor. And it showed up on the mammogram. Of course it did. It was big enough for me to feel. Hard as a rock. The size of an edamame.

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Tips to Help Get Through Chemo

I pulled together a list of the tips for getting through chemo, and the side effects, that helped me the most.

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Hashimoto’s Messed Me Up

Then came the circles under my eyes. And the rapid weight gain. The slightly puffy face. Well, I was thrown into menopause after my first chemo back in February so my metabolism is slowing down. What about the edema in my ankles? My ongoing Herceptin perhaps.

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